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Pedro Ibañez Aulesti Tower House (Aulesti)

This tower gave its name to the city of Aulesti. It was restored by Pedro Ibañez of Aulesti in 1456, after the brotherhoods of Bizkai were burned under the excuse that they had hidden enemy soldiers.

It is a building of great quality. The original facade is hardly visible today, as many elements have been added to it. It is basically a very large cube. Its walls are 1,90 meters thick and made of carved limestone.

The building has three floors, and its structure is made of wooden columns and beams. The entrance to the house, a big arch, used to be on the ground floor, but it is closed today; the tower has two other entrances instead.

The second floor used to contain the kitchen and the bedrooms. On the last floor there used to be a large room, lighted by pointed openings connected by mullions.

Each of these openings shows the coat-of-arms of Aulesti. High up in the room there is a row of corbels.

It is not the only tower in Aulesti. There were lots of towers and ancestral homes in Aulestia once



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