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Wellcome to Lea Artibai

Lea Artibai is a section of the Basque coast located in Bizkaia The name of this mountainous coastal area is taken from its two rivers that structure the region into two valleys, each with a distinct urban, rural and social composition, and give it its own, strong personality.

Its rivers and valleys are created as a continuation of the massif in the Urkiola nature reserve. To the North, this region looks out onto the Bay of Biscay, which gives it one of its characteristic traits: the boisterous, maritime nature of its people.

Lea Artibai has known how to preserve a millenarian cultural heritage that we shall discover by following the serene courses of its rivers, full of weirs and nostalgic bridges, by strolling on its sandy beaches, picturesque harbours, cliffs and peaks, looking out over a sea which is sometimes placid and other times raging.

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