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Gastronomy Association

Gastronomy is an important item in our culture and our tourism offer. 


That´s why some of the entreprises of our county have start a new proyect to give value to our traditional products and cuisine. The offer includes activities, visits, tastes and good oportunities to know more about our gastronomy. 


The entreprises of Lea Artibai Euskadi Gastronomika association are: 



• Zubieta

• Egaña

• Batzoki Ondarroa

• Ibai Gane

• Ikestei jatetxea

• Itsas Lur

• Txipli Txapla

• Bauskain

• Barroeta

• Gurrutxaga

• Leokadi

• Lumentza

• Trinkete taberna

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